Mayor defends his position as FCO chairman

THE Fraser Coast Mayor is defending his position as chairman of Fraser Coast Opportunities, as calls for him to stand down come from the business community.

In a letter to the Chronicle, Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Tim Powers called on Gerard O'Connell and Fraser Coast Regional Council chief executive Lisa Desmond to step down from the FCO board.

In the letter, Mr Powers acknowledged the council was the main shareholder in FCO, but said it didn't mean the council had to control the board.

"This is an organisation that would thrive on independent, qualified, external, and industry-specific directors," he wrote.

Mr Powers asked Cr O'Connell to, at the very least, step down as chairman.

The Mayor was reluctant to comment on the issue until he had spoken with Mr Powers.

"I'd be happy to talk to Tim about what his ideas are," he said.

In July, Cr O'Connell said he would step down from the chair.

"It's always been my intention to transition - I'm not precious about that position at all," he said in July.

At the council's meeting in Maryborough on Wednesday, councillor Rolf Light moved a motion to delay voting on FCO's performance report until after FCO's annual general meeting in November.

The motion was passed unanimously.