Photos of the tables have also popped up on Reddit.
Photos of the tables have also popped up on Reddit.

Restaurant mocked over hipster move

A RESTAURANT has been mercilessly mocked for its turf-covered tables on social media.

Brown Cardigan posted the image of the tables at a Melbourne Grill'd burger restaurant with the caption "Melbourne. What the f*** is wrong with you? We get it. You are the brains-trust capital of Australia for self-gratifying, capitalist ethics. Can you please stop trying to one up yourselves?

"When does it become the sustainability Olympics? Will Melbourne get the bronze, silver and gold for useless burger shop fit-outs? We get it! Organic is good, buy local. F*** the big supermarkets. Plastic bags = bad. But what the f*** does turf on tables somehow prove? How is that hygienic? GTFO. I am triggered so hard by this sh*t. OK i'm done."

The sign on the grass-covered table (which is apparently at its Chapel Street location) appears to read "motherlovers choose free-range".

The post - which was liked more than 10,000 times - was met with comments from others ridiculing the burger chain.

@havykarl wrote: "This may actually be the stupidest thing I have ever seen. And if you know any of my mates, you'd know how big of a call that is."

"Where is this place, I'll go past with some roundup" wrote another critic.

"Who knows what they're thinking. My elbows would be itchy," wrote another Instagrammer.

Other people called out how impractical the table covering was, and wondered how on earth you'd balance a drink on the table.

The Grill'd company tried to capitalise on the attention by offering the poster a free burger if they would come down to the restaurant and "mow" the grass.

Some were into the turf-table though, writing "love this idea. Would make me feel more down to earth without being bitten by green ants on my a**".

The Grill'd website says the company is "always pushing to do better by the environment, and respecting Mother Earth is in our DNA".