OPINION: The importance of collaboration

OPINION: There is a disturbing trend on the Fraser Coast to immediately discount the knowledge or ideas of anyone who might be a competitor.

I remember being a member of an otherwise un-named association where every month, anyone who was in a similar industry would go to great pains to ignore not just me, but everyone else in that industry.

They would literally turn their backs when a like-minded business person entered the room and make sure everyone knew.

I lived with their tediousness for a few years until I was travelling and visited another chapter of that same association.

There were at least six members who were in the same business as me and all insisted that I sit at their table and talk about business.

How much more progressive do you think that chapter was?

Collaboration inspires positive enthusiasm, spawns new ideas or new takes on old ideas, and when business is tough, new ideas and motivation is what we all need to make it through to the better times that always follow.

For example, a restaurant should never complain about another restaurant opening close by.

A group of restaurants together creates a precinct, and encourages people to go out and all of the businesses can flourish.

Competition is good.

It keeps a well run business fresh and exciting, and in turn keeps us interested and motivated.

This is the mindset we need to cultivate on the Fraser Coast.

Co-operation and collaboration beats kindergarten games any day, and if we all want to be serious about business, we should start talking to each other and introducing new ideas to our communities for the betterment of everyone.

Come and join us at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast to meet and chat with like-minded people who are not only happy to help you where they can, but can help you build your business, whatever its size.

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Craig Winter is the president of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce