The LNP has to decide if to preference Jackie Trad last
The LNP has to decide if to preference Jackie Trad last

Last and least: LNP plan to oust Trad

JACKIE Trad's political career could be over in 18 months with LNP party bosses set to decide tomorrow whether to preference her last at the next state election.

The Courier-Mail can reveal the LNP president committee decided on Tuesday night to put the contentious South Brisbane preferencing proposal to tomorrow's meeting of the party executive in Townsville.

Preferencing a Greens candidate ahead of the Deputy Premier, Treasurer and powerful Left faction leader would be a significant departure from LNP convention.

The plan, which comes well ahead of the October 31 2020 state election, risks angering some LNP members who vehemently oppose the economic and social agenda of the Greens.

However, LNP president David Hutchinson will argue Ms Trad's agenda was no different to the Greens but she's a more dangerous proposition because of the power she has to execute her plan.

LNP president David Hutchinson. Picture: Jack Tran
LNP president David Hutchinson. Picture: Jack Tran

Mr Hutchinson last night confirmed the move while accusing Ms Trad of having an anti-mining agenda.

"LNP preferences ensured she kept her job last time," he said.

"Now we are going to use those preferences to protect the jobs of thousands of north Queensland families who rely on the mining industry, and thousands more who are desperate for an opportunity.

"Ms Trad likes to say that resource workers can simply re-skill and move to a new industry. Well hopefully after the next election she can show us all how it's done."

Amid Labor divisions over Adani's Carmichael mine, Ms Trad sparked outrage last week when she warned coal workers would need to re-skill.

The LNP executive backed a plan to place Ms Trad last on how-to-vote cards before the 2017 election however the decision was overturned after then-LNP leader Tim Nicholls intervened.

Ms Trad managed to cling on to her seat by a wafer thin margin following a 10 per cent swing towards Greens candidate Amy McMahon.

Just 458 first preference votes separated the pair.

Ms Trad won on preferences after two-thirds of LNP voters preferenced her above the Greens.

A reversal of that trend would see Ms Trad bundled out of office.

Despite internal Labor speculation, the Deputy Premier has been adamant she will recontest South Brisbane rather than seek a safer seat.