The Nine Network has issued an awkward on-air apology.
The Nine Network has issued an awkward on-air apology.

Today’s embarrassing Coles apology

The Nine Network has issued an awkward on-air apology after incorrectly reporting that Coles had run out of turkeys for the Christmas period.

The incorrect statement went to air on Sunday morning on Weekend Today.

"Yesterday we wrongly reported that Coles has run out of turkeys," the hosts said.

"Thankfully we've been informed by Coles that the information wasn't correct and Coles assured us they have a steady supply of turkeys right across the country, so if you're thinking of having one on your table for Christmas lunch this year, you needn't worry.

"There are plenty of turkeys to be had."

Turkey is one of the most popular meats on the market in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

According to an Insights Report, Coles' fellow retail giant Woolworths sells 400,000 kilos of fresh turkeys each year.

It's not quite up there with Aussie prawns, which sit at 1.2 million kilos, or ham, which sits at a staggering 2.2 million.

The cost of turkey and other Christmas meats was expected to skyrocket this year thanks to the drought.

Drought-affected farmers have faced massive premiums of almost 80 per cent on grain, The Australian reported.

Some farmers have been forced to put their price of their turkeys up by five to 10 per cent to help cover the cost of the grain.