The construction of Hervey Bay's Seafront adventure playground continues.
The construction of Hervey Bay's Seafront adventure playground continues. Valerie Horton

The playground that could have cancelled By the C concert

IT'S ONE of the Fraser Coast's biggest playgrounds that has delighted children visiting the shores of Pialba.

But it could have cancelled Hervey Bay's By the C concert if the council didn't relocate the development on the Esplanade.

Pialba's Adventure Playground, standing almost 7m high, was originally marked for construction on Seafront Oval when first announced in June last year.

Community outcry followed, with groups lamenting the loss of land should it go ahead.

Infrastructure councillor Denis Chapman said they would have had to look for another venue for the By the C concert if the playground had been developed on the oval.


"There just wouldn't have been enough space," Cr Chapman said.

"If it had gone ahead, we also would have had to cordon off the playground to stop people from finding vantage points for the show.

"That would have meant more injuries because of people falling off."

Cr Chapman said the playground's new location near the all-abilities playground in Pialba was better suited for residents.

"There's plenty of access and the parking lot is now being used a lot more than before," he said.

"It's a case of turning a stranded asset into one that's frequently used."

More than 4000 people attended Saturday's By the C concert.

Public Consultation over the location of a planned playground at Seafront Oval : Councillors Denis Chapman, James Hansen and Rolf Light, met with the public over the planned Seafront Oval adventure playground and where it will go. Discussions were steered towards the planned sports precinct.