Majority of students suspended are in Year 9

THE pressure to fit in and find their place in society is taking its toll on our teenagers.

Of the 287,170 students suspended across Queensland in 2010 to 2014, the majority were in Year 9.

Across the Education Department's North Coast catchment, which covers the Fraser Coast, 13,039 Year 9 pupils were banned from school over the five years.

Queensland Secondary Principals Association president Andrew Pierpoint said fitting in could lead to trouble.

"For ever and a day, teenagers around the 14-15-year age group have always been the most problematic," he said.

"These teenagers are trying to find their place in school, trying to find their place in life, they're trying to find their place in their families and in society.

"They have a range of various challenges that they're trying to come to terms with."

Mr Pierpoint said parents and teachers needed to work together to make life less stressful for kids in their mid-teens.