Two Elephants and Kilimanjaro mountain
Two Elephants and Kilimanjaro mountain squashedbox

The top five Africa attractions

"I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy" - Ernest Hemingway


1. Animals

BEING able to view animals in their natural environment can be a very moving experience.

Getting up close to wildlife that you've only seen on television, or in magazines, can provide you with life long memories that leave you breathless.

Whether you are exploring lakes, gorges, plains or rainforests for animals, you'll gain a connection with the place and its captivating inhabitants.

From Classic safaris which are enjoyed in open air four-drive-wheels vehicles on morning and evening game drives to canoeing and walking safaris, you can do it all in Africa.

Try to spot the 'Big 5' - buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard and rhino.

There is sure to be an experience suitable for you.


2. Scenery

Africa provides some stunning scenery with a spectacular array of contrasts.

From Victoria Falls where the mighty Zambezi River flows through Zambia to open savannah lands of the Masai Mara where the annual wildebeest migrate.

From the Okavango Delta, the world's largest inland delta, home to hippopotamus, giraffe, hyena, zebra, baboon and many more to the Ngorongoro crater, the largest intact volcanic caldera sheltering over 25,000 large animals.

Mountains ranges and desert dunes provide yet another contrast to the plethora of scenic vista's available for you to view in Africa. Pristine White sand beaches in Zanzibar to dense rainforests of the Congo basin are set to entice the traveller.

3. Culture and Heritage

Africa may be famous for its amazing wildlife but there is also a very vibrant culture to be discovered in every region of Africa.

The warrior tribes in Kenya's Maasai Mara with their distinctive dress style of red wraps and heavily beaded arms and necks are known as tall and fierce warriors, protecting their animals and families.

They have a deep, sacred relationship with their cattle.

In Namibia the Himba people continue their strongly held traditions of applying red ochre cream to their skin.

This is to distinguish between male and female, with the female wearing a crown of cow and goat leather with the ochre applied.

It is thought to be a protective measure from the scorching sun as well.

Interaction with the locals and visiting rural villages really help to capture the essence of the people and the places you visit.

4. Food

Indulge in delicious African cuisine including a traditional 'Boma' dinner where you can sample African specialties like warthog, impala, kudu, game stews and Mopani worms.

The meat is cooked on a barbecue or braai which is set up outside encircled by tables and chairs in a half moon shape.

The bonus to the 'Boma' dinner is a performance of traditional song and dance.

Immerse yourself to the sounds of the pounding drums and amazing harmony of the performers, maybe even participate yourself.

5. SPORT - Football, Cricket, Rugby, Cycling, Athletics, Wrestling, Rally cars, surfing, Basketball.

Africa has produced some of the world's finest athletes across many sporting genres.

All over Africa Football (soccer as we call it in Australia) is the popular sport.

From primitive grounds at grassroots level youngsters are playing football right across Africa.

For those car enthusiasts there are a number of Rally car races held across Africa.

Often held in remote locations with unforgivable terrain, the knuckle biting courses put competitors through their paces.

For something a bit more adventurous you could try shark cage diving off the coast of South Africa.

Unspoilt wilderness and game rich national parks, there is a vast array of experiences on offer in Africa.

Experiences like watching the sun set on Mount Kilimanjaro with a drink in hand or watching a leopard ambush her prey and drag it up a tree, nothing can compare to Africa.

Imagine watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon floating above the wildebeest migration?

They say you can't go to Africa once, you will want to return again and again.

Africa is calling...