Where's the Fraser Coast's flood proofing promise, Julia?

EDITORIAL: Julia Gillard has copped a fair bit of flak over the decision to spend $50 million flood-proofing western Sydney, an area that is far less likely to go underwater than the sodden Wide Bay and other areas of regional Queensland.

A week-long trip to Sydney by the PM and her entourage rankled for those who were still wringing out their wet belongings - particularly as the PM has not seen fit to drop in to many of Queensland's flood zones - such as Maryborough.

But the claim by Queensland's Main Roads Minister that the Federal Government has made a $1 billion election commitment to improve the western Sydney motorway network is really just rubbing salt into the wounds.

The Federal Government claims it has not committed to funding but simply asked the New South Wales government to devise a plan to deal with the congested motorway.

But either way, it is clear that the Federal Government's eye is far from the Fraser Coast region.

They're not even flirting with regional Queensland, let alone providing funding.

But choosing to sweet-talk voters in urban electorates instead of those in outlying areas could prove to be a folly.

The Bruce Hwy is one of the hot topics for our voters, and with good reason.

About 40 people die every year on the Bruce and with gaping potholes opening up left, right and centre, the road needs urgent attention if the toll is not to rise.

An astounding amount of damage has been done to the Bruce Hwy in the recent floods and storms.

Anyone who lives in regional Queensland will tell you that the Bruce was not good to start with, and it is now significantly worse.

If Gillard and her cohorts were serious about winning voters in regional Queensland, they would be talking about a billion-dollar repair package and working with the State Government to bring Queensland's backbone back up to scratch.