The Wide Bay Buccaneers

What you should know about Wide Bay's newest club

WIDE Bay Buccaneers is the proposed identity of the region's Football Queensland Premier League team.

The moniker was unveiled at a zone meeting on Tuesday night.

Football Wide Bay became Football Queensland Wide Bay in a major change to governance years in the making. Hervey Bay, Bundaberg and Maryborough will form local area centres under FQWB, with Gympie to maintain competition management status until 2020.

While FQWB's engine has undergone a significant shift, all eyes and ears are on the region's new QPL team.

Keep in mind that details could change between now and next year's first round of the new-look competition, but this is where Wide Bay Buccaneers stand.

The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team.
The logo for Wide Bay Buccaneers, Football Queensland Wide Bay's proposed Queensland Premier League team. Contributed

The moniker

Football Queensland Wide Bay explored a number of monikers but Buccaneers has won the race to be on Wide Bay's badge -for now.

Wide Bay United and Wide Bay Wanderers were two others that were considered, but the commercial potential of the Buccaneers, as well as its standing as brand new identity within Wide Bay, saw it become the steering group's preferred option.

While Wide Bay Buccaneers may not incorporate a pirate ship into its stadium made famous by NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the QPL side will represent the region in a unique and refreshing way.

Not to mention the added bonus of supporters being able to dress up as pirates on game day.

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The grounds

Wide Bay Buccaneers will be split between Maryborough's Federation Park Field and Bundaberg's Martens Oval.

The decision is based on the quality of ground required for the QPL, and it is proposed games will be split 50-50 between the facilities.

The teams

It is mandatory for QPL teams to field sides in five competitions next year.

The Buccaneers will feature in the senior mens, under-20s, U16s. U14s and U13s competitions in 2018, with the aim to transition to seven teams in 2020 with the inclusion of U15s and U18s.


Two hubs will be created to cut down on travel.

One of the key complaints about the former Wide Bay Revolution, and one of the major concerns expressed about Wide Bay's presence in the QPL, is the amount of travel involved.

The current plan is for pre-season and regular season training to work under two plans.

For seniors, players will train at either the Bundaberg or Maryborough hub (dependant on the player's location) on the Monday, with a session in one town on Tuesday and the other on Thursday.

Juniors will follow a similar plan during pre-season, but will cut down to two training sessions per week during the regular season. It is envisaged they will utilise the separate hubs on Mondays, then alternate between Bundaberg and Maryborough on Thursdays.

Who is involved?

The Buccaneers are based primarily between Maryborough and Bundaberg due to the current FQWB structure.

As Football Gympie has maintained its competition management status, it is effectively out of FQWB's control as far as the QPL side is concerned. This means Gympie was not considered as far as grounds or bases was concerned.

This could change should Football Gympie indicate it wants to fully join FQWB. Should that occur, the distribution will be revisited.

The Buccaneers could still play a game at Gympie's One Mile but it may not be a regular occurrence as it stands now.