Coaches all have their own way of motivating their team, this one was interesting.
Coaches all have their own way of motivating their team, this one was interesting.

‘The dumbest f***ers I’ve ever coached’

AS far as half-time addresses go, this one has to rank as one of the all-time greats.

When times are tough and the playing group is searching for that spark to help get them over the line, it's the coach who has to deliver.

The coach only gets a few instances throughout a contest to address his charges, so his message has to be delivered in the right manner to ensure what he's saying sinks in.

Some coaches, however, can put the fear of God into their troops without even raising their voices, as Adelaide Crows coach Don Pyke did when he didn't say a single word.

Steve Kerr, coach of the Golden State Warriors, delivered a more philosophical approach when his side was down at half-time during game 1 of the Western Conference finals.

Down 62-42, Kerr encouraged his team to stick to what they were doing and just "settle in", his words worked as the Warriors pulled off the remarkable comeback victory.

But that approach of nurturing a playing group doesn't work for every coach and that was extremely evident during this particular spray.

To say this coach was fed up with his side would be a drastic understatement as he tore them to shreds in one of the harshest sprays ever recorded.

Here's a transcript of what was said to a playing group who no doubt sat back too afraid to move, or look their coach in the eye.

"In this room there's 22 players and I reckon 10 of you are the dumbest f***ers I've ever coached in 16 years. And I don't give a f*** if you don't like me saying that, but you're f***ing dumb," the coach said, not easing in to the address at all.

"Three goals we gave up that quarter from coming back through the corridor from the three worst f***ers I've ever coached kicking-wise in senior football.

"You mustn't like winning. They walked it out of the middle, we've got no sweat 'oh yeah, f***ing my bad'. You must like being s***.

"You want to be mediocre, you don't want to be winners. Because your actions don't show it.

"They walked it out of our forward line four f***ing times.

"Overlap, overlap, overlap. But when the balls in our forward line, we've got three loose c*** there. We didn't give these two blokes a chop out because you were too f***ing busy waiting it out.

"I've kept it f***ing so simple this year it's f***ing hurt me. Even when you do get it, you go back to what doesn't work.

Players are used to copping sprays, but this one went to a new level.
Players are used to copping sprays, but this one went to a new level.

"It's never worked for ya and you keep doing it and doing it, every f***ing week you keep doing what doesn't work for ya, that's why you're f***ing dumb.

"Ya f***ing s***, you want to put up with that, you're shit. F***ing crap."

Just when it looked like it may be over, he then turned his attention to a select few players who had caught his eye.

"You're f***ing s***, sit on the bench," he said with venom to one player.

"You're playing on a f***ing spud, he's under-12 level … under-12 level and you're standing there in the middle of f***ing nowhere doing f*** all you might as well be under-12s. Can I make it any f***ing clearer?"

As if being baked in front of your teammates wasn't bad enough, the coach then demanded answers from the player.

"What can you do to help us? What can you do to help us?"

Although it wasn't loud enough to hear, the player was able to muster a response to his fire-breathing coach, which he was clearly happy with … we think.

"Give the boy a clap, can you f***ing do it though?" the response came back.

"Get some water into ya before I have a f***ing heart attack.

"If there's any more of those s*** kicks inside and you turn one over, get over the f***ing fence get in your car and go home."

That's one way to deliver a message to the troops and send them back onto the field.