Maggie Cooper's banana orange icypoles.
Maggie Cooper's banana orange icypoles. 123rf

This iceblock is poles apart from unhealthy snacks

Providing your kids or grandchildren with a food treat is fraught with danger these days; many readily available snack foods are full of preservatives, fat, sugar, or all of the above.

Home-made treats are the way to go; even if you make a batch of cupcakes or biscuits that contain ingredients best eaten in moderation, at least if you make them yourself, you are aware of just what is going into Junior's mouth.

It's easier to be sensible with portion sizes when you know there is a cup of sugar or a block of butter in the recipe.

Even better are treats that have all-natural ingredients and no added nasties, and they can be just as enjoyable as the bad stuff.

These icypoles contain nothing but freshly squeezed orange juice and bananas. If the fruit is ripe, you shouldn't need to add anything else, but you can add a little honey if the oranges are a little tart.

As school holidays and hot weather approach, a set of ice-block moulds are a great investment and will pay for themselves many times over.

My friend Jill makes these using her mum's old-school Tupperware set that dates from the '60s, but you can buy whizz-bang silicon jobs from kitchenware shops and department stores.

Try experimenting with other fruit blends also.


Makes: 8-10


3 ripe bananas; 1 tbsp lemon or lime juice;

juice of three ripe oranges - about 250ml;

1-2 tbsp honey (if necessary)


Peel bananas and slice; place in a blender or food processor with the lemon or lime juice and orange juice. Blend until almost smooth. Taste and add a little honey if necessary. Pour into icy-pole moulds and freeze overnight, or at least six hours until firm.