A match made in heaven? Vegemite and Cadbury team up.
A match made in heaven? Vegemite and Cadbury team up.

Comment: This made me an unhappy little Vegemite

IT HAPPENED in the supermarket.

It was something so profound it stopped me dead with fury and riveted me to the spot with outrage.

It was so contemptible, so offensive, I could not speak for many moments.


Cadbury's Vegemite Chocolate. What an abomination!

Two of our most beloved and cherished products, Cadbury's Chocolate and Vegemite, coming together in one shocking abhorrence.

"Try it," the woman flourishing the plate at me said.

"It's new. It's Vegemite-flavoured chocolate."

"You have to be making a joke, and one in bad taste," I spluttered at her. "No, it's true. Try it. You'll get a caramel taste first, then the hit of Vegemite."

So I took a square.

At first bite when the gooey caramel was released it did in fact taste like a square of Cadbury's Caramello.

But as the caramel dissolved in the mouth, there it came.

The unmistakable over-salty taste of Vegemite fused with the creamy lusciousness of milk chocolate.

Mon dieu. Now, I love my Vegemite, as I suspect you do, too.

In fact, I have been known to be one of those annoying Australians who take a tube of Vegemite overseas with them.

Is it just me who thinks it is the ultimate sacrilege to put Vegemite inside a chocolate bar?

I am known for embracing new flavours, for taking on board new combinations.

It didn't take me long to love salted caramel, and I soon came around to peanut butter in my Tim Tams.

But this chocolate and Vegemite mish-mash?

Maybe it is time to leave my beloved country.