Three April fools videos that will have you in stitches

THIS April Fools' Day many of us will take five minutes out of our morning to have a bit of fun with our friends and colleagues with a harmless prank.

But some have taken April fools jokes to the next level, like the funny video taken from a TV game show in 2013 with a man's reaction to being chased by a life sized dinosaur.  

Another funny video that has made the rounds is an internet prankster who stole a car and was dressed up as an invisible driver. 

The footage shows a magician disguise himself as a car chair, so when he drives it looks like no one is driving the mysterious vehicle.

It has fast food staff puzzled. 

A classic April Fools' Day joke is the good old cling wrap, but a car?

These blokes have a good laugh as they run around and around a car to completely cover it with cling wrap. 

Have you ever been fooled or got someone good with a joke on April 1? Join the discussion and tell us below.