Three ingredient home made Easter treat

HOMEMADE ice cream sounds a little daunting to some, but we have a recipe for a base that uses only three ingredients. It takes five minutes to create, then simply place it into the freezer to set. The texture is super creamy, soft and delicious.

The best thing about this ice cream is that you can add any flavour to it. Some of our favourites are a delicious orange ice cream where we add the zest of four oranges and the juice of two, or we make chocolate ice cream by adding about four tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder to the mix.

It's a great time to create this ice cream this weekend as a treat for the kiddies - it's what Easter is all about, right? Why not even add chopped Easter eggs or make a rocky road ice cream by adding marshmallows, nuts, jelly lollies and some cocoa powder into the ice cream before freezing.

You will really love this ice cream - it's so simple, creamy and it does not contain any eggs. You'll be surprised with how easy this is - enjoy.

P.S. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one, any day now. We will keep you all posted. Thank you all for your well wishes

Easter ice cream


 600ml of cream  

 1 x 330ml tin of condensed milk  

 1 tbs of vanilla paste or 2 vanilla pod seeds  

 Any flavouring you desire.

METHOD: Prepare a loaf pan or a bowl that is easy to scoop out of - place into the freezer until you need it. In a bowl add cream, condensed milk and vanilla paste. Using an electric whisk, on medium speed whisk together until very soft peaks form, when it's just slightly thickened.

It is at this point where you add your flavourings, whatever you like as mentioned above. Be sure to taste your mixture and add more flavourings for desired taste.

Spoon directly into your pan or bowl, cover with a lid or alfoil and place into the freezer for at least 3-5 hours. Check on it after 3 hours. It may still be soft but it's our favourite texture at this point and it is easy to serve.

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