Thunder’s lightning show soothed and serenaded crowd

OPINION: On Wednesday  night the thunder didn't roar or rumble so much as it soothed and serenaded a sold-out Maryborough audience.

On its sixth visit to the Brolga Theatre, Celtic Thunder brought its unique sound and stage show to town, this time without having to swim through flooded streets as leading man Keith Harkin joked.

In fact, if there was any roaring to be done on the night it came from an over-enthusiastic audience who clapped along with the music, even offering the occasional fist pump from the front row to show their appreciation.

This latest tour, Mythology, included a balanced mix of soft Irish folk, powerful ballads and jovial jingles which worked not only lyrically but in terms of stage performance as well.

The stage was dressed with a looming Celtic cross at its centre and the atmosphere was often controlled with a smoke machine almost as enthusiastic as the audience.

Often members of the Celtic Thunder Band would join the singers on stage for a minimally choreographed but perfectly enjoyable performance.

The band hit all the right notes and included all you could wish for to achieve a Celtic sound including a fiddle, flute, harp and of course, a booming bass drum.

Harkin's performance of a song from his own album, Hercules Tears, proved a particular highlight with some of the crowd offering a standing ovation.

Despite the loss of principal singer George Donaldson who died in March this year, the Celtic Thunder family soldiered on to deliver a show that was so enjoyed by the audience it would be no surprise if it returned for a seventh year.