Tiaro Citizen of the Year runs

A MAN who led the fight against the Traveston Crossing Dam has decided his next contest will be the Fraser Coast Regional Council election.

Darryl Stewart announced his candidacy for Division 2, which is the largest division on the Fraser Coast, stretching from Boompa in the west to Boonooroo in the east.

Mr Stewart said he decided to stand for election because he felt the rural and regional areas of the Fraser Coast needed stronger representation.

"My entire focus will be to ensure that our "Fraser Coast country" receives at least its fair share of external assistance, that ratepayers receive value for their money and that all residents share in our vibrant future," Mr Stewart said.

"I believe that Division 2 is by far the biggest and the best and has by far the greatest future potential as it contains a smorgasbord of everything the Fraser Coast has to offer, from urban to regional and from rural to coastal."

Mr Stewart said the regional and rural areas were the economic powerhouse of the Fraser Coast and generated most of its primary income.

"We do not expect special treatment but we certainly expect our council to support us equally and fairly in relation to our city cousins."

Mr Stewart has been a volunteer to the council-appointed economic development advisory group and environmental advisory committee, as well as his long-term presidency role with the Tiaro and District Chamber of Commerce.

He is currently an executive member of the board of directors of the Burnett Mary Regional Group for Natural Resource Management as well as the chair of its governance committee.

"Leadership, action, a clear and dynamic vision of a united, sustainable and growing region, and true community representation will be core council business," said the former Tiaro and District Citizen of the Year.