TIARO BUSINESSES: Owner of the Royal Hotel Tiaro, Bill Halliwell. Photo: Stuart Fast
TIARO BUSINESSES: Owner of the Royal Hotel Tiaro, Bill Halliwell. Photo: Stuart Fast

Tiaro township ready for next trial

ONCE the challenges of the coronavirus crisis are over, Tiaro businesses could face a new trial in the form of a highway bypass.

The bypass project was announced in 2019 by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to improve the safety of the Bruce Highway.

Tiaro business owners remain positive, however, and told the Chronicle a possible highway bypass may have benefits for the rural town.

Owner of the Royal Hotel Tiaro Bill Halliwell said a bypass built in the future, may give Tiaro residents an opportunity to beautify the town and turn it into a destination for tourist stopovers. Mr Halliwell said Tiaro "has things going for it," and hopefully the possible bypass will have good signage to bring motorists into the township.

Owner of Retro Espresso Tiaro, Vincent Rovere said a possible bypass would reduce the number of trucks travelling through Tiaro, decreasing the noise pollution in the town.

He said if the bypass was built, it could mean a short term drop in trade but businesses would be able to work back up with a bigger focus on being more commercial.

He also said a possible bypass would make Tiaro a motorist destination as drivers looked for a destination to get off the highway.

Options assessed for a bypass included upgrading the existing highway at the flood affected locations or building a new highway that bypasses Tiaro to the east of the township. A bypass would address flooding, safety and congestion concerns, reduce the cost of future upgrades to accommodate traffic growth and remove heavy vehicles from Tiaro which would improve safety and liveability for residents.