Time for taxis to stop attacking RACQ: comment

I READ with interest the response to the story on Dial a Driver founder Robert Braddock's willingness to work with Uber.

This is a man who has taken on the taxi industry before, and developed a successful business in the process of doing so.

The changes to legislation that will allow ride-sharing companies like Uber to operate have been a talking point for months, but I've found the most interesting aspect to be Taxi Council Queensland's response.

In particular, the way the Taxi Council has relentlessly attacked RACQ.

Taxi Council Queensland CEO Benjamin Wash told the Courier Mail: "These organisations want to use their huge combined membership base to start a company that will rival Uber and dominate the market", and given RACQ' executive manager Michael Roth's admission it's "something that RACQ could do in the future" shows it could have been on the money.

But throughout this whole episode has been a lack of innovation on Taxi Council Queensland's behalf.

Instead of repeatedly crying foul over RACQ's moves behind the scenes, it might be time to re-evaluate the way taxis operate and come up with a solution that can secure its future.

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