Fraser Island Dingo
Fraser Island Dingo

TOURISTS WATCH OUT: Dingo warning ahead of mating season

TOURISTS have been warned to keep their children close during dingo breeding season on Fraser Island.

The Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation issued a statement about the change in dingo behaviour between March and May.

"There will be wongaris (dingoes) testing dominance, protecting territories and chasing off invaders from other packs," it said.

"Wongaris, especially males, will be really cautious during this time and adult males will be competing to mate and will fight to protect their territory - to the death if necessary."

It was also a dangerous time for young dingoes, the statement said.

"Visitors to K'gari, be aware that some wongaris may also try to dominate humans by snarling, nipping or biting so families visiting the island keep your children close."

The warning comes after a horror year on the island last year in which three children were seriously injured in dingo attacks.