Weblec Toastmaster Anne Gilbert keeps time for speakers during their weekly meetings.
Weblec Toastmaster Anne Gilbert keeps time for speakers during their weekly meetings. Boni Holmes

Toastmasters mentors offer free public speaking workshop

THE secret to taking the terror out of talking lies in a free introduction to public speaking with Weblec Toastmasters' mentors.

President Richard Gilbert said Toastmasters was very much about being able to be a more confident speaker to any group.

"A lot of people when they stand up in front of a group they really do get flustered and lose the plot a little - find it very daunting," he said.

"Primarily Toastmasters is an educational club where we get better at communicating, build confidence in standing up and speaking to a group and do it in an enjoyable and fun way.

"We are never ever critical - we are there to support and educate but not criticise.

"It is a healthy and supportive environment in which people can learn and become more confident in speaking to a group.

"Not only more confident but more effective - there is one thing to stand up there and waffle on, it's a totally different to get your message across in a short period of time."

Richard said the group had run courses for six and eight weeks, one night a week.

"They are very good.

"They are the best introduction to public speaking.

"Sometimes people are not able to comment to that length of time or dollars.

"As a briefer introduction, on June 28 we will do a one night workshop on Take the Terror out of Talking.

"It is a free night - there will be a supper, interesting people to talk to.

"Listen to some content about public speaking, talking to a group of people, about being better prepared, pause when you need to pause without feeling guilty for stopping talking for a few seconds; and take some of the terror of standing out front of a group of people which is what it is really about.

"If people want more after the introduction they can come to meetings and join in the club, firstly as a guest and later if they want they can join the club."

Richard joined the club five years ago because he wanted to be confident standing up and presenting to people and wanted to learn how to be more effective when talking to the group.

"A lot of people who want to advance in their job - instead of finding themselves as one of the one's that listens now finds themselves standing up and instructing others after attending Toastmasters.

"People who need to find work still need to be able to sell themselves.

"There are many reason why people want to get better at presenting information to others - work, business, pleasure - whatever it is there are different avenues.

"We help people choose paths that fit their needs - they can go on further - but this is a starting point."


Weblec Toastmasters will hold its Take the Terror out of Talking free workshop on Thursday, June 28 at the Maryborough Neighbourhood Centre, 25 Ellena St at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Spaces limited so bookings essential. For more information phone Richard Gilbert on 0428 980 078 or rich62@bigpond.com.