Toilet paper chaos causing issues for region’s sewerage

RESIDENTS are being reminded to flush only toilet paper amid countrywide shortages of the essential item.

Gladstone Regional Council CEO Leisa Dowling said people were using alternative products that were starting to block the sewer network.

"Flushable wipes and other products will flush down the toilet but may have unwanted consequences," she said.

"This could range from your pipes at home backing up to severe blockages of local sewer mains, pump stations and treatment plants."

Sewer network blockages could create large overflows and increase the risk of infection for council staff and the community.

The council is focused on ensuring essential services continue to be delivered to the region in response to corona­virus.

"If you need to use an alternative to toilet paper where it is not available, please ensure you put it in the bin," Ms Dowling said.

She said that included "flushable" products because they "don't break down like toilet paper does".

Blockages can damage infrastructure, contribute to environmental harm and potentially divert the council's crews from other critical activities.

If you have a sewer blockage at your property, contact a licensed plumber. If you see a leak from council infrastructure, phone 4970 0700.

What not to flush

Wet wipes


Paper towel

Sanitary products

Cotton tips