PROTEST: The greatly contested Toogoom rock wall.
PROTEST: The greatly contested Toogoom rock wall. Alistair Brightman

Toogoom rock wall made from 'wrong rock'

FRASER Coast Councillor Rolf Light has slammed a planned community protest regarding the controversial Toogoom rock wall.

The protest has been set down for tomorrow.

The event's aim is to convince the council and Queensland State Government to take down the existing Toogoom rock wall, and to find another method of preventing erosion in the area.

"It greatly disappoints me that individuals that don't have financial commitment of protecting their property with this rock wall and don't live in this area, seem to have an unhealthy obsession with it," Cr Light said.

"It's not going to solve anything.

"Each of their concerns has been resolved 25 times, and they don't like the answers."

Protest organiser Jannean Dean said the problem was not the fact there was a wall, but that it was not built the way it was planned.

Those living alongside the wall are paying for it at about $100k each over about a 10-year term, and Ms Dean said they were paying for something they did not ask for.

"The rock wall is made from the wrong rock, and it is falling apart," she said.

"There are sink holes behind it in some parts and you can see kid toys in them.

"The type of rock used is eroding away.

"It has become a safety hazard with sharp pieces spread throughout the beach, especially with tourists visiting the spot."

The Chronicle went to have a look at the wall and observed cracks in the majority of the rocks, saw sharp pieces sticking from the sand and rocks appeared to be going out into the ocean.

The Chronicle approached the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection for comment, and they responded:

"(EHP) has investigated and responded to concerns raised by a member of the public about the Toogoom sea wall.

"EHP can confirm the Toogoom sea wall fulfils its intended purpose.

"The Toogoom sea wall has been certified by a registered professional engineer of Queensland."

Toogoom resident Norm Hoffman, who will be at the protest, was baffled by how the wall could be called suitable when he could physically see it was falling apart.


Toogoom resident Norm Hoffman at the Toogoom rock wall.
Toogoom resident Norm Hoffman at the Toogoom rock wall. Alistair Brightman


"There are rocks in the ocean now that were at the top of the wall when it was first built," he said.

"I want to see thousands of people show up to the protest."

Cr Light said he would be surprised if even a handful of people showed up.

"I encourage people not to attend," he said.

"Because attending could affect residents' investments and potential value of their properties.

"People have Google now, and if you Google Toogoom and see results that there is a rock wall that is crumbling away, which it's not, you are not going to want to buy there."

Mayor Chris Loft is also in support of the existing Toogoom rock wall, citing its certification for his stance.

The protest will start at the park along Kingfisher Parade, and go to the beach through the walkway. It will start at 10.30am.

For more information, go here.