NEXUS has crunched numbers to reveal project details of the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing.

The figures shared online show a snapshot of how the project is progressing.

Since it began there has been a colossal amount of earth moved, concrete poured and drainage pipes installed.

More than ten million cubic metres of earth have been excavated to create an even surface for the road, with nine million cubic metres of earth filled.

Almost 39,000 cubic metres of concrete has been poured for the bridges and more than 10,000 metres of pipe has been laid for culverts - which is the length of nine Sydney Harbour bridges.

3945 metres of longitudinal drainage pipes and 7370 tonnes of steel reinforcement has been installed for bridges.

239 Super Ts and 468 deck units have also been installed.

In a separate graph Nexus released information showing the complete rate of the project's bridges.

Of the 24 bridges being built 13 are 100% complete with another six not far off, being 90% complete.