Lesley Henry from As One Body and Mind demonstrates how to meditate in any environment, Thursday, July 20, 2017.
Lesley Henry from As One Body and Mind demonstrates how to meditate in any environment, Thursday, July 20, 2017. Kevin Farmer

Toowoomba woman uses meditation to fight fear of flying

FOR most of her life, Lesley Henry wanted to be able to jump out of a plane. This year on her birthday, she did it.

Ms Henry credits her journey in meditation for being able to help her conquer her fears but she also credits it for transforming her entire life.

The Toowoomba woman now wants to help others and, as a holistic practitioner and mediation therapist, has opened As One Body and Mind.

"The reason As One Body and Mind came about is because basically my whole life I have lived feeling like two people. Mentally, physically, emotionally and physically," she said.

"That is how I decided to go on this journey of self-discovery full time."

Ms Henry said she has now found inner peace and happiness and now wants to be able to share that with other people through her practice.

She said her inner health had never been better and that a long-time use of anti-depressants had now been eliminated.

"It is from life experiences and understanding," she said.

"But basically mental health is a huge issue and it's becoming more and more common place.

"When you finally have the ability to open up your mind and become focussed, relaxed and calm you can then start facing your fears without them overcoming you."

Ms Henry said she had spent a lot of her life working for big corporations, before having to become her mother's carer a few years ago.

"I was living life like we all do, ploughing through it," she said.

"On the outside showing a happy and bubbly face and underneath crying out for some sort of help. Which I have reached out for over the years.

"However I now know the only way you can find that inner peace, is to be able to sit and become relaxed and calm so you can look at things openly and honestly and non-judgementally."

Ms Henry explained that 97 per cent of our habits came from our sub-conscious mind.

"By taking control of mindfulness and working on the 3% conscious, you can reprogram your subconscious mind and that is what I have done," she said.

"By being able to do that now I invite all my fears in every day, so much I no longer have any fears."

While Ms Henry has been meditating on and off for years, she said she had been solidly doing it since the start of last year. That means an hour in the morning and an hour at night.

"It is the most important thing in my life because it has brought me an inner peace and calmness and focus, that while I thought I had it, the inside and the outside is now as one," she said.

"I think the biggest thing is that when you are stressed you don't breathe properly and your breath is the most important thing in your whole life.

"If you learn to control your breath it is amazing how it does calm and centre you."

The practice for As One Body and Mind will be at the Neil St Medical Centre in Toowoomba.

Ms Henry also said she could go into the workplace and schools as well as conducting group workshops and counselling sessions.

For more, go to as1bodyandmind.com or call Ms Henry on 0409 090 116.