Top 20 names of women most likely to have a child in 2017

THE names of the women most likely to have a child next year have been revealed.

While it might sound like improbable soothsaying, Closer claims to have calculated the probability on basis of women's names and ages.

Their calculation is based on the fact that the average woman is 29.8 years old when she has her first child. From this, it can be established that women born between 1987 and 1988 are the most likely to give birth next year.

From census records revealing the most popular girls' names in those years, the final list of names can be arrived at.

The top 20 names predicted as having a child in 2017 are:

1. Jessica

2. Amy

3. Jade

4. Rebecca

5. Charlotte

6. Hannah

7. Lauren

8. Sophie

9. Emily

10. Sarah

11. Ashley

12. Hayley

13. Megan

14. Heather

15. Samantha

16. Katie

17. Melissa

18. Danielle

19. Rachel

20. Chelsea