Top doctor’s advice for ‘freedom’ protesters


Protesters who marched through Brisbane's CBD calling for an end to Victoria's lockdown and Queensland's border closure have been urged by the Chief Health Officer to take their concerns online.

On Saturday hundreds of protesters marched shoulder-to-shoulder from the Botanic Gardens to the Queen St Mall in opposition to the Government's COVID-19 response.

Queensland's Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young said their actions were "disappointing", with a number of protesters fined by police.

"I know police are taking these protests extremely seriously," she said.

"It would be awful for a small group of people, and I understand it was a relatively small group, to undo the work done by 5.1 million Queenslanders."

Dr Young said people should use this technology age of social media and instant communication to "protest differently".

"We're not like in the last pandemic, (swine flu) back in 2009 we didn't have the social media and internet ability we've got today," she said.

"These protesters can protest online rather than coming out and risking everyone else's health."

Originally published as Top doctor's advice for 'freedom' protesters