Fuchsia flowers.
Fuchsia flowers. elenaleonova

Top tips for jolly plants this Christmas

Christmas will soon be upon us.

Plant now to add colour and life to your festive entertainment.

Pots filled with colour bring our living spaces to life.


There is a vast array of summer flowering annuals for every style and situation.

These can be planted as seedlings or are available in convenient advanced colour plants already in flower and ready to impress.

Happy hydrangeas this Christmas


Hydrangea in Meigetsuin,Kita-Kamakura,Japan.
Hydrangeas. inusuke

Hydrangeas are a wonderful Christmas plant.

They are great in pots and the spectacular heads of flowers brighten patios and entertainment areas.

Fuchsias are back

Fuchsia flowers are fascinating, colourful and interesting. These old favourites have once again become a popular addition to our lives. Fuchsias are excellent in pots, hanging baskets and in the garden

Hot Vinca Colour


Close up of white Vinca flower, Madagascar periwinkle, Old maid, Cayenne jasmine or Rose periwinkle ( Catharanthus roseus G. Don ) and water drops on the petal and green leaves after rain droplets.
White Vinca flower. Noppamas Phanmanee

They love the heat. Vinca's will not only brighten your Christmas celebrations but will continue to bring their abundance of colour throughout the warmer months


Mulching Time

Add a nice thick layer of mulch now to help your garden beds to retain water, help to control weeds and have your gardens looking great for Christmas and summer festivities.