Using painted rocks and pebbles are not only pretty, they are a practical mulch.
Using painted rocks and pebbles are not only pretty, they are a practical mulch. CONTRIBUTED

Top tips for rocking your garden this spring

WITH the warmer weather coming, now is the time to protect the top soil from the winds and direct sunlight.

Mulching is one of the best ways to do this as it adds nutrients to the soil as it gradually breaks down.

You can buy different grades of cheap mulch from the council at the local tip, at nurseries around town.

For smaller gardens like mine a couple of bales of sugar cane mulch will cover the soil.

Then I scatter cheap potting mix over it to help it break down and to prevent it from blowing around the neighbourhood.

Other grass mulches like Lucerne and grass clippings are good to use too but it's best to solarise it first.

To solarise your mulch, spread it out in a sunny position and cover it with plastic for three weeks.

The sun will heat the mulch to a degree that will kill the seeds.

This will stop the introduction of new weeds into the garden. It's a full time job weeding so I really don't want to bring more in.

That's why I like the sugar cane mulch so much.

There are other mulches that can protect your soil such as pine bark in shrubby gardens, white stones in formal gardens and pebbles in pots.

As long as there is a barrier between your topsoil and the sun most mulches will work fine.

It must be time for orchids to flower also.

One of mine is flowering and friends have been showing me photos of theirs.

There is an orchid show coming up and the orchid house at the Botanic Gardens always looks beautiful at this time of the year.

The gardens are lovely too so have a look while you are there.

It's one of my favourite places to wander and think.