Torah Bright 'just a girl in the world doing my thing'

A LAIDBACK Torah Bright has charmed the media after her silver-medal performance in the Ladies Halfpipe last night, saying she's just a "girl in the world doing my thing".

Bright said she appreciated the accolades but it was not the thing that mattered most.

"The fact that I'm able to snowboard for a living and do what I love is really the special part," she said.

Bright picked up Australia's  first medal of the Winter Olympics with a dramatic last-ditch effort that saw her miss out on gold by just 0.25 points.

Bright had some anxious moments throughout the event, pulling out her medal-claiming score in her final run.

She was sitting in eighth spot after her first attempt, but delivered under pressure on her next run to register a score of 91.25, behind winner Kaitlyn Farrington.

The medal makes Bright our most successful Winter Olympian, after she claimed gold at the 2010 Vancouver Games.

Her gold-silver combination places her ahead of aerial skier Alisa Camplin, who won a gold and bronze.