Robson Guedes on Plant Hire at a PBR event shows perfect form with one hand in the air.
Robson Guedes on Plant Hire at a PBR event shows perfect form with one hand in the air. Phillip Wittke

Touching yourself won't help you PBR

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Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal Bull Riding Blow Out.

Where: BBPrint Stadium Mackay.

When: September 17, gates open 5pm.

Cost: Grandstand $48.50, general admission adult $33.50, child U17 $18.50, family pass $85.50.

Tickets available from

BULL RIDING: Staying on a bull for eight seconds might seem simple. But when you need to keep one hand on the bull and one in the air it gets complicated.

"Seconds tick by with the clock stopping, if a riders hands comes out of the rope, or if they touch themselves, the bull or the ground with their free hand during the ride, " PBR General Manager Glen Young said.

"A rider must ride for eight seconds, with one hand on the bull rope and the other in the air to score.

"The clock starts once the bull's shoulder or hip breaks the plan of the gate."

However, taming a bucking bull and scoring a flawless ride in a PBR event is far more technical.

This Saturday 40 of Australia's top cowboys will be in action during round two of the PBR 2016/2017 National Tour, with each individual rider having reach an adept level in the sport.

Each ride in a PBR event is worth 100 total points, 50 points are awarded to the bull and 50 points are awarded to the rider if they manage to successfully ride for the full eight seconds.

"Bulls are judged on their athleticism and difficulty to ride," Young said.

"While riders are judged on their control during a ride in PBR events. Bonus points are awarded for style during rides such as removing your leg from the bull and returning it. "

At the end of the first round the top 10 ride scores progress through to the championship round. Points and money are awarded based on round results and overall results.

All points awarded count towards national rankings as well as the PBR world standings.

These points are essential, to reaching the PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals in Las Vegas," Young said.

"This event sees the top 40 cowboys on the world standings, compete in six rounds of competition over five days to become PBR world champion."

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