DEVASTATING: Jodie Locke captures Leslie Dam's low levels.
DEVASTATING: Jodie Locke captures Leslie Dam's low levels. Jodie Locke

TOUGH SIGHT: Mum's heartbreak over low level of Leslie Dam

LIKE many people blessed with a childhood spent in Warwick, Jodie Locke had Leslie Dam as one of her favourite playgrounds.

She learnt to swim in the dam, and took joy in Warwick's beautiful surrounding attractions.

"Leslie Dam, Queen Mary Falls. All of those places were where we'd go every weekend," Mrs Locke said.

"They were our second home."

But when Mrs Locke took her daughter Ashleigh to the dam last week, what she captured was heartbreaking.

"I wanted to show her what it looks like when it's that low," Mrs Locke said.

"I've only seen it that low in the '80s.

"We found a piece of ground that must have always been underwater, a drop of sandstone.

"It must have been underwater for forever.

"I've never seen those types of things.

"It's a shock."


To Ashleigh, who was four when the 2010 floods hit, the difference was devastating.

"It's very low and sad," she said.

Mrs Locke said there was a strong perception among long-time residents that dam placement was not ideal.

"Anyone who's lived here would know the dam is not in a good catchment area," she said.

"Rain just does not fall there."

"The government themselves obviously don't have a real understanding of the dam's demographic and where it's built," Mrs Locke said.

"When it's full it's a rarity.

"I've only seen it full two times and I'm 47."