Prostitute "Chantelle James"

Prostitute fined for advertising her services

A TOURING prostitute has been fined for placing an advertisement that detailed the services she offered.

Melinda Lee Godfrey faced Townsville Magistrates Court charged with knowingly participating in the provision of prostitution and publishing an advertisement for prostitution.

Under Queensland law, advertisements for prostitution are subject to stringent regulations, with descriptions of services forbidden.

Police prosecutor Subarna Raut said on Wednesday night police were conducting compliance checks on advertisers of prostitution services in the Townsville region.

The particular advertisement relating to the defendant depicted services offered Chantelle James on an escort services website and an example of the services offered in the advertisement included full service, sexy shower for two and porn star experience, which is a breach of the Prostitution Act and those guidelines, he said.

Mr Raut said police posing as a client contacted the phone number on the advertisement and were directed to a unit where Godfrey was.

The court heard Godfrey, who has previously worked in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, was employed by an NT woman who arranged the advertisements.

Defence solicitor Zoe Navarro, acting as duty lawyer, said prostitution laws differ in each state and Godfrey did not know the laws in Queensland.

Ms Navarro said Godfrey had left the industry and planned to pay any fine imposed before leaving the state. Godfrey was fined $600 by Magistrate Cathy Wadley, who noted her full co-operation with police and her early plea of guilty.