TOURIST FAIL: Parent tells child to pose with dingo for pic

A PARENT who told their child to pose with a dingo on Fraser Island has been slammed by a conservationist.

A child was being encouraged by their parent to get closer to a dingo for a photograph, before the dingo then lunged at the child.

It was one of 22 'threatening interactions' this month.

Other incidents on the island included parents encouraging children to try to pat a dingo and leaving children unsupervised.

One high-risk interaction occurred at the Eli Creek Day Use area when a dingo approached a woman on a tour, and the tour leader, and was snarling, snapping teeth and vocalising.

The tour leader scared the animal off.

Former Fraser Island resident Mike West said he was horrified to hear about the photo incident and called for action to be taken.

"It fills me with absolute dread to think that all this is going on," he said.

With the State Government to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on more fencing on the island, Mr West said that wouldn't be enough to solve the problem if people's attitudes didn't change.

"You can't fence the whole bloody island," he said.

It comes after the Department of Environment and Science issued additional warnings about increased dingo interaction at tourist hotspots, including the Maheno wreck and Eli Creek, earlier this month.