Dayne Beams in action for Brisbane against Collingwood. Picture: Michael Klein
Dayne Beams in action for Brisbane against Collingwood. Picture: Michael Klein

Beams trade a hard sell to success-starved fans

A BIRD in the hand is worth two in the bush.

Former and want-to-be future Magpie Dayne Beams has presented a mighty dilemma to the Lions' football department and CEO Greg Swann.

Swann insisted there had been no deal put to them by Collingwood and no request from Beams.

But it is fair to say it will raise no eyebrows if it happens.

And then they have a tough decision to make. Despite their restraint there are some at the club who have become frustrated with Beams and are ready to look at a deal.

I hope when they do spare a moment to think about the excitement around the club and our city this year when they went on their three-game winning streak.

Dayne Beams in action for Brisbane.
Dayne Beams in action for Brisbane.

Three games?

That is how tough it has been for Brisbane fans for close to a decade now.

Those fans feel they are close to cracking the top eight.

Despite their cautious public statements, the club does too.

The pursuit of Lachie Neale and willingness to trade away pick No.5 in the draft is proof of that.

But Neale was supposed to join and enhance a midfield that included Beams, not come in and replace him.

Next year was about making a major stride forward and the reality is unless the deal involves a player of Beams' quality the best they can hope for is more baby steps.

The feedback the club is receiving from the fans is almost universally urging the club to hold the former skipper to his contract.

Lachie Neale wants to come to Brisbane.
Lachie Neale wants to come to Brisbane.

The likely deal that has been reported is pick No.18 and a future second-round pick.

On paper, such a deal looks reasonable for a player who will be 29 next season. Some Brisbane board members have openly questioned it.

But on a calendar it looks wrong.

Firstly, the draft remains a lottery. The players may not live up to their draft billing or they may develop nicely for a few years and then walk out.

There's plenty of examples of both in Brisbane's recent past.

There is no doubt the drafting and retention has improved drastically in the past few years and there is nothing to say the Lions wouldn't nab two 200-game players who win a Merrett-Murray medal or two between them.

But there is no way they will be as good as Beams next year or the one after that and by the time they hit their straps, Dayne Zorko and Stef Martin will be past their prime.

It would be a tough sell to the fans to ask for a few more years of patience to develop a potential finals quality midfield when they could already possess one in Beams, Zorko, Neale and high draftees Hugh McCluggage, Jarrod Berry and at times Cam Rayner and Charlie Cameron.