'Too dangerous': Sports Precinct intersection causing chaos

IN THE empty field right beside Elizabeth Rondinella's home, a hockey field will one day be built.

She lives on Chapel Rd, close to the Fraser Coast Sports and Recreation Precinct.

Ms Rondinella has noticed an increase in noise and traffic since the precinct was built but fears it will be nothing compared to the future, when her home will neighbour the sports ground.

"The traffic along Woods Rd has become really bad especially," she said.

With the recycling centre nearby, she is used to traffic.

But it's noticeably increased since the sport precinct was built, Ms Rondinella said.

"It's taken a bit of adjusting to," she said.

The issue of safety has also been raised by football manager Karen Stock, who says she avoids the Chapel Rd-Woods Rd intersection.

"I don't go that way as it is too dangerous," she said. "It is a bottleneck coming out of the sports precinct and dangerous with cars doing 80km/h.

"All sporting parents discuss the road safety around the precinct."

Councillor Darren Everard said he knew traffic was an issue out at the precinct.

"We're looking at some upgrades now," he said.

That included upgrading the Main St intersection to a roundabout and installing new turning lanes at Woods Rd.

"We're waiting for budget allocations, the work is in the pipeline," he said.