Developer: Dump the parking fine or I'll dump CBD project

A PROPERTY developer who says he is considering a 12-storey project in Rockhampton's CBD is threatening to sell the site after being slapped with a traffic infringement he described as "absurd".

Laidley-based developer James Woolford, who owns several East St buildings, was in Rockhampton on August 14 when he was pulled over by the police for reversing out of a median strip parking space.

He was given a $164 traffic infringement notice, but said he would contest the fine.

"If there had been signs I would have been aware that I was not permitted to reverse," Mr Woolford told the Bulletin.

"I feel that this could have incurred a warning and not a $164 infringement notice. This is no way in which to treat tourists as they could be unaware of the rule as much as I was."

Mr Woolford said he was previously looking to redevelop his East St buildings into a 12-storey high rise, but would reconsider if unsuccessful in contesting the fine.

He said it came down to "common sense and principal".

"I've got other projects going on in Queensland and I'll just develop them and wipe the Rocky and Yeppoon area (from my plans)," Mr Woolford said.

However, The Morning Bulletin understands the buildings, at 20-26 East St, have been listed for sale at $2 million for several months.

The properties have been owned by a company, Ewool Pty Ltd, since 2007.

One real estate listing says the buildings could be redeveloped to a 12-storey complex with a mix of commercial and residential space, subject to council approval.

A Rockhampton Police spokesperson yesterday said fines for reversing out of a median strip parking space was enforced throughout Queensland.

Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow declined to comment on the matter.

Queensland Road Rules

If signage indicates a driver must enter or leave a median strip parking area in a particular direction, the driver must follow that

Where there is no signage, the driver must enter or leave the area by driving forward

Source: Transport Operations (Road Use Management -Road Rules) Regulation 2009