FAMILY: Brett, Catherine and her daughter Montana.
FAMILY: Brett, Catherine and her daughter Montana. Contributed

Tragedy hits cancer-stricken mum days before dream wedding

BRETT Parkhurst should have been jumping out of a plane to raise money for his ill fiance, but instead he will head into the clouds today to be closer to her.

Just days before their wedding, Mr Parkhurst was getting ready to skydive in a brave attempt to fundraise for medical bills for partner Catherine Hughes, but tragedy struck just past midday on Monday.

Ms Hughes, who suffered aggressive breast cancer, died peacefully in hospital after a two-year battle, leaving behind Mr Parkhurst and her 12-year-old daughter Montana.

Yet in the midst of such tragedy, Mr Parkhurst was still determined to fulfil his skydiving promise instead to honour the woman he loved.

"She meant so much to us and her memories and legacy will always live on,” he said.

"So I'm still looking at making this jump in memory and love.”

The 31-year-old was diagnosed with cancer in June, 2017 and was in and out of multiple hospitals in her last years.

The cancer had moved to attack her liver, the bones in her lower back and smaller nodules in her body.

"She had so much faith, determination and willingness to live,” he said.

While their wedding would never be, Mr Parkhurst said she would be remembered in their hearts.

"Catherine had so much joy to look forward to... her legacy will always live on,” he said.

Mr Parkhurst plans to skydive today and land at Currimundi about 1pm, supported by friends.

Anyone who wants to support him is invited to come along.