TRAGEDY The scene of the fatal crash on the Bunya Highway on Monday night.
TRAGEDY The scene of the fatal crash on the Bunya Highway on Monday night. Claudia Williams

Transport union responds to fatal Bunya Highway crash

TRUCK drivers are rallying around their own following a fatal crash on the Bunya Highway outside of Kumbia on Monday night.

A woman and four children under 10 died when a truck and a car collided and caught on fire.

The 47-year-old driver of the truck was taken to Kingaroy Hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

Transport Workers Union Queensland branch secretary Peter Biagini said the truck driving community are devastated by the tragic crash.

"The drivers that we have spoken to are devastated, and there is of course an outpouring of support not only for the family of the victims, but the truck driver who has also had such an horrific experience," he said.

Mr Biagini said the crash serves as a reminder for trucks to be aware of trucks and the road conditions to ensure safety on the road.

"A truck does not have the stopping distance or manoeuvrability of a car - the smallest mistake can end in tragedy," he said.

"People often don't realise just how big and how heavy a truck is, and the distance that they take to stop when travelling at full speed."

Mr Buagini said the union regularly hear of dangerous situations truck drivers face on the roads.

"Our members tell us about cars tailgating them, weaving into their blind spots and suddenly braking in front of them - all of these actions can lead to tragedy," he said.

"Drivers need to be aware of trucks, aware of the road conditions and ensure that they are playing their part in keeping our roads safe.

"We all have a responsibility to share the road and to ensure that we are safe"