TRAUMA TEDDIES: Convener Laurell Whittaker displays the trauma teddies made by her volunteer group. Photo: Stuart Fast
TRAUMA TEDDIES: Convener Laurell Whittaker displays the trauma teddies made by her volunteer group. Photo: Stuart Fast

Trauma Teddy thank you notes: Bear hug for Coast volunteers

READERS have thanked Red Cross Trauma Teddy volunteers for their efforts and shared heartwarming memories about the moments the small bears made a difference to a hospital stay.

It comes after Maryborough Red Cross Trauma Teddy Convener Laurell Whittaker spoke to the Chronicle about the work that goes into making the teddies. Read the full story here.

When the Chronicle asked readers on its Facebook page to share their stories, the post was flooded with comments.

Carly Warren said her son had received one when he was six months old during his first overnight stay in hospital with tonsillitis.

“He was hospitalised for a few nights and days. He still loves it now; as much as he did back then and it still comforts him at night times,” she said.

“We very much appreciate all the effort, love, time and care that it takes to make theses teddies. Thank you to all the volunteers who make them and give them out to those who need.

Kayla Jane Hollandrecalled her son’s experience receiving a trauma teddy.

“We received one over a year and half go when our little man was four. He stacked his BMX in the racetrack and split his chin open,” she said.

“Ever since he has to go to bed with it. Thank you so much.”

Read the full list of comments below.

“Thanks to all the volunteers. My boy has received a few of these over the years of hospital visits. They brightened his day!” – Ellen Bolderrow

“These are fantastic we’ve had a few hospital visit teddies over the years and they help something stressful and scary feel a bit better. thank you!” – Jess Minnegal

“When my daughter was transported from Maryborough to Hervey Bay, she received one of these teddies. 10 years on and he’s still going strong.

These teddies are such a bright spark for the kids and parents. Thank you ladies.” – Fiona Jacqueline

“We have received a few in hospital trips, but the best one was a small one from another Ambulance worker while waiting in the ramped line at Hervey Bay Hospital. He must carry them in his pocket for these occasions. We were then airlifted and the only toy and comfort distraction we had for a couple of days. Thank you to all who make them.” Spice Sabrina

“My little boys are ASD and every time we have been, our little boys have got one and they absolutely love them. Thank you so much it definitely brings joy to the little kids.” Jane Andrews

“My daughter got one after having a nasal swab, it was the first teddy she had an attachment to and slept with it every night for a long time. It was a lovely gift. Thank you to the wonderful people who make them.” Tegan Ryan

“My son has received two. Loves them. Thank you so much.” Leila Hayes

“My granddaughter has a couple of these teddies while in hospital.” Tracey Langshaw

“So cute. Thanks to you and all caring lovely people like yourself who make these.” Debbie Nash

“When my son was transported from Hervey Bay to Brisbane, he received one and my daughter got one when she had to go to hospital with an allergic reaction from peanuts.” Bec Shailer

“These ladies are wonderful!” Anna Rolfe

“We got one recently, thanks so much!” Ian Thomas Wills

“Very thoughtful and warm loving gift. My two still have theirs.” Leanne Loobie Gillespie

“My son broke his arm four years ago and he got one of these little fellas. And again when he had the wires removed. He still has them I’m pretty sure.” Natalie Weir

“My daughter has two of these … she loves them to snuggle with at night! Thank you!” Bianca Hampson

“My son has one, it’s so beautiful. Thankyou. Julia Bills