DIY world map canvas art is the perfect wall decorations

I LOVE to travel the globe. I adore discovering new places, culture and cuisines.

But it is a rather expensive hobby, meaning I spend a lot time daydreaming about new adventures and remembering those special moments of the past.

This do-it-yourself world map canvas art is the perfect wall decorations for anyone with a passion for travel.


1. To start you will need to purchase some canvases for the world maps to wrap around. I went to K mart and bought a set of two for $5.

You need each canvas to be tall enough to fit the map, so aim for around 30cm.

I needed three canvases, but you could go for more or less depending on your desired outcome.


2. Finding a cheap world map was more difficult than I expected.

After checking out a few places, the cheapest I could find was a foldout map from QBD for $9.95.

There were a few different versions in terms of colours and themes, but I went for the traditional map.


3. On a large table unfold the map and place the canvas on top as a guide to where you are going to cut.

Using a pencil and a ruler trace a cutting line.

I wanted to fit the map across three canvases so I measured out three equal sections and then cut them out.

Make sure you leave enough map to wrap around the canvas edges.


4. A great way to adhere the maps to the canvas without leaving behind crease marks or bubbles is using Mod Podge.

Mod Podge is a water-soluble glue that can be used to seal things like paper craft items, as it dries clear and sets very well. I picked up some from Eckersley's Art and Craft at Sunshine Plaza for $15.

Use a sponge to coat the canvases in Mod Podge. Be careful to spread it evenly.

To finish, carefully wrap the map around the canvas (as if you were wrapping a present), using the Mod Podge to hold it in place. I used some clear sticky tape on the back where the corner is folded in.

The end result looks fantastic hanging on the wall in our living room and has had plenty of comments from visitors.

Total cost: $29.95