Lake McKenzie Fraser Island credit @thebelleabroad escape December 6 2020 cover story
Lake McKenzie Fraser Island credit @thebelleabroad escape December 6 2020 cover story

More assistance for island tourism operators ruled out

QUEENSLAND Treasurer Camreon Dick's visit to Hervey Bay comes as Fraser Island was reopened to tourists this week following a lengthy closure due to a wildfire that threatened properties and came close to impacting the township of Happy Valley.

Efforts from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and a little help from the recent low pressure system saw the fires brought back under control on the weekend.

But while island tourism operators have faced the double blow of closing during the COVID-19 lockdown and because of the fire, Mr Dick ruled out offering additional assistance from the State Government for those affected.

"We'll continue to promote this region, not only to Queenslanders but to the rest of Australia," he said.

"The biggest single thing we can do is ensure that tourists know the Queensland is good to go, it's a fantastic place for a holiday.

"The best place in Australia and one of the best places in the world for a holiday.

"The more we can encourage people from around the state to visit a magnificent place like Fraser Island, the Fraser Coast and Hervey Bay, the more we can encourage Queenslanders and other Australians to come here, the better it will be for tourism operators and we will continue to see the tourism industry to come back from what has been a really tough year."

The Fraser Coast Regional Council also announced this week that flights between Brisbane and Hervey Bay would double in further positive news for the region's economy.

The Treasurer said both pieces of news were positive for the Fraser Coast.

Mr Dick said a competitive aviation market was vital for the state.

"More flights are great for local economies and that's great for the local community here on the Fraser Coast in Hervey Bay."