Plush bohemian styled living room.
Plush bohemian styled living room. iStock

Tricks to getting the bohemian look just right

The word bohemian comes from the French word for gypsy. More broadly, bohemians and the bohemian lifestyle and aesthetic usually refers to those who live unconventional, colourful and often artistic lives.

Often shortened to 'boho', the bohemian style of interiors as a trend is not abating any time soon. In fact, many would argue there has always been a sub-culture of bohemia when it comes to styling a home. For many who embrace this alternative style of interiors, it is often a reaction to the cold, harsh minimalism considered the contemporary norm of interiors.

So what exactly constitutes a bohemian style of home? Bohemian by nature is more relaxed, often more colourful and always more personal.

As a style of decorating, bohemian is specifically regarded as an eclectic mix of the sixties hippie style, mixed in with souvenirs of a well-travelled 'gypsy' lifestyle and put together with an artistic flair.

Think of beautiful, often unusual objects collected from travels, quirky finds found closer to home that are often vintage and, sometimes, even genuine antiques.

Bohemian interiors can also be interpreted as a rejection of mass-made homogenous home decor pieces and furniture that currently floods our market. That's not to say you don't find the occasional interesting and stylish piece at our national stores, but it does mean you choose not to decorate using only mass-made pieces.

Like any known 'look', the trick to a bohemian style of home is to make it yours. It's all about how you put things together.