Truckie runs cops off the road while overtaking

MAGISTRATE David Day described the actions of a truck driver who ran an oncoming unmarked police car off the road while overtaking a slower truck as "one of those complete brain snaps".

Jojo Ittiyra Perappaden, 48, of Mt Druitt, was found guilty of dangerous driving on the Mitchell Highway by magistrate David Day at a hearing on September 25 this year, reported The Central Western Daily in Orange.

The Central Western Daily reported a statement presented at the hearing said two police officers were driving to Bathurst for an investigation on September 21, 2017 and had just passed the Bee Keepers Inn when they saw a "pantech style truck" being followed by a Kenworth semi-trailer driving towards them.

The statement said the truck approached rapidly on the wrong side of the road, so the driver of the police car braked and flashed the high-beams at the truck but Perappaden continued trying to overtake, forcing them to "brake harshly and swerve off the road".

Mr Day sentenced Perappaden to a 12-month community correction order of 50 hours of community service and a 12-month licence disqualification on Monday.

Considering that "other than a fatigue matter he's got a nil driving record", Mr Day gave Perappaden the minimum penalty because as a professional truck driver "it's going to hit him a lot harder than some tearaway 19-year-old".

He said he included community service work because it "deserves more than a slap on the wrist because of the risk to the community".