Truckie slams fellow drivers appalling, disgusting behaviour

TRUCK driver Martin De Vos took to social media to share his disgust at the response from drivers after one truck driver alerted the police to an alleged drink driver.

In a video on his Facebook page, he explained that a fellow truck driver had made a call to the cops after spotting a driver drinking a "longneck".

But he got angry when he started to hear a backlash towards the driver who called in the incident.

"We all complain about how stupid car drivers are and obviously this guy was drinking and drinking and driving is a major issue on our roads and adds to the stupidity of others," Martin said.

"The response that was given back was 'ah yeah, shut the f**k up' to the person who called it out.

"I find it (that behaviour) highly appalling. What happens - it might not be your family, or it might not be my family, but what happens when that car is wiped out by this f**king idiot?

Martin De Vos called out other truckies behaviour.
Martin De Vos called out other truckies behaviour.

"I think everyone should be concerned about it and I think it's absolutely f**king appalling to hear the response back."

He called out the drivers for their blasé attitude towards drink driving.

"The police are out there doing their job and I'm glad that the bloke called it up. If I had seen it, I would have been me absolutely yes," he said.

"I can't drink and drive, I can't do drugs and drive, so why should anyone else be given a leeway to avoid getting pulled up and loose his licence?

"We suffer with f**kwits on the roads day in and day out, we know how much stress this brings. We see this s**t that happens on the road so instead of bagging the driver for calling it out, praise him.

"The copper did say 'good on ya mate' for doing it too and if that's one driver off the road, that's one less driver that might cause an incident, ya gotta think about that."