Trump's win says "no one cares what men do to women"

I DON'T mean to alarm everyone, but I think the world as we know it may be ending; at least for all women, people of colour, Muslims and people living with disabilities.

Yes, that's right, Donald Trump has been elected as the next President of the United States and I'm giving up on my dreams now.

As I watched the stock market fall faster than my blood pressure on Wednesday, I thought about all the men who have ever grabbed me inappropriately, or called a professional meeting a "date", or gave me a hug when I had stuck out my hand for a handshake.

I thought about all of those men, and I thought about what Trump's win would say to them; you can talk to and touch women however you want, and one day you will be successful.

And what does it say to me? No one cares what men do to you.

Of course it was no surprise to see One Nation leader Pauline Hanson, much-loved on the Fraser Coast, raising a glass of bubbly to Trump's victory.

A woman who believes other women make "frivolous complaints" about being subjected to domestic abuse, and a man who believes being famous allows him to "grab women by the pu**y" would surely make the perfect team.

In one of my previous opinion pieces, I explained how even as a progressive person, I could understand why people like Pauline Hanson were so popular in this region, because there are many people living in this area that are fed-up with the "politically-correct" MPs, and are hoping someone who doesn't bother to sugar-coat their ideologies will actually get something done.

And it would seem that America feels the same way.

But was this really the best way for the country to express its frustration? Have they thought about the long-term results of this decision?

I suppose time will tell, but if anyone needs me, I'll be building my bunker.