Lachlan,8, and Hunter,10, McLean having fun in one of the lagoons at Susan River Homestead where 12 months ago they were rescueing fish from muddy puddles.
Lachlan,8, and Hunter,10, McLean having fun in one of the lagoons at Susan River Homestead where 12 months ago they were rescueing fish from muddy puddles. Alistair Brightman

Trust your local paper to deliver strong, quality news


Our rail contracts sent to India.

Sustained, critical unemployment rates.

Over and over, decisions made in Brisbane and Canberra have failed Fraser Coast families and torn at the fabric of what makes our community great.

In an era of #fakenews and political disarray, the responsibility of this newspaper in ensuring, and in some cases restoring, trust with our community has never been more important.

As we head towards a Federal Election and the next chapter for the Chronicle - we want you to know, we've got your backs.

Prince Harry at Pile Valley with members of the Butchulla Dance Troupe.
Prince Harry at Pile Valley with members of the Butchulla Dance Troupe. Alistair Brightman

With a long-time local at the helm and a healthy mix of old and new faces, we're drawing on the best of our skill sets and the things this newspaper has done better than anyone for the last 153 years.

We're building on our big wins - successfully fighting for the fast-tracking of funding for the duplication of the Bruce Hwy, helping Maryborough achieve its RV Friendly Status and campaigning to save the Seagulls rugby league team.

And the small wins which make big differences like getting Kathy Nolan a portable oxygen tank she never would have received had we not exposed an NDIS loophole.

We're tapping into trust.

As editor, I will use the experience gained in newsrooms across this country including a role representing regional Australia for News Corp's national masthead and years spent covering State and Federal Parliament, to ensure everything you read reflects this commitment.

In the coming weeks and months you'll be hearing a lot from politicians and the people who want to take their place.

You can trust us to sort through the spin.

You can trust us to be impartial.

Just like we exposed the truth about our train contracts, you can expect us to dig deeper when politicians are playing the blame game.

You can trust us to stand by politicians from all levels of government when they stand up for us - regardless of their party.

When Hinkler MP Keith Pitt advocates for reduced power bills..

When Maryborough MP Bruce Saunders campaigns for manufacturing contracts to be restored to the Heritage City…

When Hervey Bay MP Ted Sorensen says our kids won't learn without air-conditioning in their schools…

When Wide Bay MP Llew O'Brien fights alongside us for the Bruce Hwy and stands up to the banks and his own party…

You can trust us to say 'yes we want more of that'.

When the tough questions need to be asked of these same politicians, you can trust us to be ready.

And when new candidates offer alternatives, you can trust us to tell you all about it.

You can trust us to ensure every candidate in the upcoming Federal Election gets a fair airing.

You can trust us to call out past-election promises which have been broken or never came to fruition.

You can trust us to test and counter claims.

You can trust that you will read it first here and on our website as radio and television stations with transient staff and city captains continue to follow our lead on their nightly and next-day bulletins.

You can trust us to call out anyone who even mentions city links and tunnels before every inch of our deadly highway is fixed.

Regional lives trump city convenience.

And above all you can trust that the number one issue we cover is the number one issue in our region - JOBS.

Not courses to improve job prospects or funding for job agencies.

Real, full-time, permanent positions.

For the mums and dads who have been laid off in the closures of major call centres and factories and forced to work in mines far away from their families.

For the hundreds of youths falling through the cracks in Hervey Bay job agencies.

For the fourth and fifth generation Maryborough teenagers who only know about the city's proud manufacturing history because they grew up listening to the stories of their parents and grandparents.

You can trust us to take tough stances on the issues which matter most to the Fraser

Coast and cement our role as a champion of the community.

You can trust this editor to continue expressing strong opinions even if they don't sit well with some.

You can trust us to ensure the next local leaders are 100 per cent committed to preserving the things which make the Fraser Coast the best place in Australia to live and work.

And why should you trust us with this critical responsibility?

This is our home too.

It's where we have bought houses. It's where we trying to get into the market.

It's where we have raised, are raising and hope to raise our children.

It's where our families have small businesses and where our own jobs depend on the quality of our content.

You can trust us to breakdown school results and celebrate student achievements because just like you, we want what's best for our kids.

You can trust us to ask the powers that be how they plan to capitalise on the recent surge of holiday-makers and ensure tourism prospers not just for Fraser Island but also Hervey Bay to Toogoom, Maryborough to Poona,

Burrum to Bauple and everywhere in between.

We know the stakes have never been higher and we're in this together.

We're for Trust. We're for you.