ROLE MODEL: Petty Officer Amy Easton leads the TS Maryborough cadets drum corps .
ROLE MODEL: Petty Officer Amy Easton leads the TS Maryborough cadets drum corps . Valerie Horton

TS Maryborough petty officer leads by example

A ROLE model for many young navy cadets, Petty Officer Amy Easton was shocked when she received the National Commander's Award.

The award was bestowed on her for her outstanding leadership and dedication to fellow cadets and support of the adult volunteers of TS Maryborough.

"I am a little overwhelmed but to receive such an award from the national commander of the ANC is something I can't really describe," PO Easton said.

"I have been here for eight years and worked my way through the ranks.

"It has taken a lot of hard work, time and commitment, lot of weekends, days at the unit doing paperwork."



TS Maryborough Naval cadets were officially the best training ship in the nation.  Petty Officer Amy Easton received the National Commander's Award.
Petty Officer Amy Easton is thrilled to receive the National Commander's Award. Valerie Horton

PO Easton said it was important to ensure the cadets were having fun.

"I like seeing the cadets grow and develop and learn life skills," she said.

"I have watched them go from shy people to develop leadership and be able to teach the other cadets."

She said the ANC values of honour, honesty, courage, loyalty and integrity were what they lived by.

"All the cadets carry that back into everyday life - that is a big thing on why we do so well," PO Easton said.

"Integrity is a big one for us - we always want to do the right thing and lead byexample."

PO Easton will age out of the cadets in September.

"I want to come back as staff and an officer to attract cadets and give them the opportunities I had as a cadet," she said.