Melanie Vallejo plays Sophie Wong on Winners & Losers.
Melanie Vallejo plays Sophie Wong on Winners & Losers. Channel 7

Turbulent start to season four of Winners & Losers

SOPHIE and Doug's tumultuous friendship comes to a head in the new season of Winners & Losers.

The female-driven drama follows four high-school friends as they navigate the trials of adult life, from relationships to children and career choices.

"The Sophie and Doug storyline has been going on since the very beginning," Melanie Vallejo told The Guide.

"What I love to watch on television is the 'will they, won't they'. Doug and Sophie have gone through a lot and this is the final axe (to grind) for their relationship.

"It will be good for the audience to watch that finally come to a head," Vallejo said.

 In Tuesday's double-episode season-four premiere, Sophie confronts Doug, convinced he still has feelings for her and then, in an effort to win him back, decides to sabotage his engagement party with Carla (Sibylla Budd).

"She goes a little bit crazy, a bit single white female," she said.

"When push comes to shove she wants Doug but the truth of the matter is Carla is a really awesome woman, which makes it even more annoying.

"Sophie is convinced they're supposed to be together. I guess you don't realise how much you love someone until you see them with someone else."

Sophie's love triangle largely distracts her from the dramas going on in her friends' lives.

Bec is shocked to discover Ryan has been offered a job in Singapore and Jenny is upset to find her parents considering an offer to sell the Gross family home.

Frances buries her hurt over Zach leaving, causing the tension between her and Jasmine to boil over.

"Like in real life, it's easy to get wrapped up in your own world," Vallejo said. "But the message of Winners & Losers is always that your friends come first."

If Doug does ultimately choose Carla over Sophie, then Vallejo reckons it could be a fresh start for her character.

"With the history they've shared she cares so much for him," she said.

"If that decision is ultimately made, then she has to live with it. May the best woman win."

Winners & Losers returns on Tuesday at 8.45pm on Channel 7.