TV news crew attacked by armed robbers during live broadcast

TWO TV news crews in America were robbed and attacked live on air while they were reporting from the scene of a murder.

Reporters from San Francisco TV stations KNTV and KTVU had their equipment stolen, and one camera operator suffered a cut to his ear after he was pistol-whipped by the assailant, according to reports from the San Franciso Chronicle and KNTV.

The attack began as KTVU began broadcasting the live report. The video shows reporter Cara Liu beginning the report, who is suddenly distracted by off-camera shouting. Shortly after, Liu and other crew members can be seen running away, as the other news crew is robbed.

Someone can be heard saying "He's got a gun", and the live report is then cut off.

KNTV camera operator Alan Waples was attacked, and the assailants stole equipment belonging to the station before fleeing in a black BMW.

According to SFGate, one of the robbers stole a camera and a tripod, attacking Waples and telling reporter Kris Sanchez to get on the ground.

The crews were there reporting on the shooting of Kathryn Steinle, a 32-year-old woman killed on Wednesday evening at Pier 14 in San Francisco.